Disciple course





Are you interested in

•  finding out more about the life of Jesus and what that means for us today in our way of living,

•  really understanding how the Old Testament is the foundation of all that the New Testament tells us of Jesus’ gospel,

•  being better informed about the contents of the Bible,

•  wanting to deepen your relationship with God, and

•  are willing to really work at it?

Then Disciple could be the course for you and for others in your church.  It could be an interesting and fascinating year for you.

A Disciple 2 course is currently being run at the Circuit Office in Alphington Methodist Church.  The course is led by Reverend Beth McDowell.  The time of the course is Thursday evenings from 7.00 – 9.30 p.m.        Contact the Circuit Office if you are interested in attending a future course.

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