Lent Workshop

LWfrieze1For six Friday mornings through Lent 2013, twelve of us at Honiton Methodist Church formed a Lent Workshop to make and cook items for use in services from Mothering Sunday through to Easter Day. On this page you can see pictures of work in progress and some of the finished pieces. This activity appealed to people of different ages and abilities. The link to worship also proved very successful. If you are interested in running a similar workshop at your church, please contact Honiton Methodist Church for a detailed report on the workshop.



Peter takes his turn at stirring the simnel cake mixture. We enjoyed the cake with coffee after our Mothering Sunday service. We also made biscuits to share after worship on Easter Day.





LWfrieze2For Palm Sunday we made a frieze of the procession into Jerusalem. The actual size was 3.5m long, so it made quite an impact when hung at the front of the worship area. The key aspect of the design was that the figures welcoming Jesus were made from photographs of members of the workshop, so making the connection between ourselves and the Bible story. (We projected each photo directly onto the white side of the black paper, at half life-size, drew around the outline and cut out to get each person’s silhouette.)


The most ambitious project was a group of three pictures of the Passion of Christ, in a mosaic stained-glass window style. We cut up paper from colour supplements and holiday brochures to create our palette, then stuck the paper pieces one by one onto the design. This picture shows work in progress on ‘Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane’. We used these images as the basis for worship on Passion Sunday and Good Friday.



LWcross-headlines   A much simpler project involved collecting headlines about what’s wrong in our world and pasting them to the outline of a cross made of cardboard. This was then used in several services as a basis for prayers of intercession.





We also made Easter greeting cards to send to members of our congregation who cannot attend worship.





Here’s a finished piece, a butterfly tree for Easter Day, symbolising new life. The butterflies were painted using the same method as 4-year olds learn: paint one side of the paper then fold and press while the paint is still wet to copy the wing pattern to the other side. Simple but very effective.