Manses Committee

The Committee’s revised representation, structure and processes were approved at the Circuit Meeting in September 2013 in order to simplify and improve the effectiveness of decision-making and budgetary control in the maintenance of the Circuit’s nine manses. The Committee is a sub-group of the Finance Group and will, by exception, support discussion at the Circuit Leadership Team meetings where specific input is deemed to be needed.

Terms of Reference

This committee is responsible for managing the maintenance and repair of each manse including the completion of all necessary inspections and assessments. Members of the committee are the individual Property Stewards for the manses and provide support for incumbent Ministers in addressing their residential needs as well as exercising their responsibilities on behalf of the Circuit for the on-going care of the manses.

Membership                                     Manse Steward for:

Stuart MacDonald                              Sweetbriar Lane

David Plumer                                       Budleigh Salterton

Christine Marshall                              Crediton

Graham Bulford                                  Dunsford Road

David Plumer                                        Exmouth

David & Steph Price                            Hayne Close

Graham Booker                                   Seaton

Graham Booker                                    Sidmouth

Alison Howell                                      Whipton Lane