The Mint

MintAddress: EX4 3AT

Ministers:   Rev Steve Santry
Rev Sungil Han

Circuit Steward: Mrs Margaret Cole


Update: The church is open for Sunday services at 10.30 am

Online services also available on Youtube.  See The Mint website.
Web site here

Korean language service is also available.
민트교회와 하나의 공동체를 이루고 있는 엑시터 민트교회의 한국어 예배는 영어 예배와 동일한 시간인 10.30에  2층에서 드려집니다. 아이들 예배는 같은 시간, 영국인과 한국인 선생님들의 인도하에 따로 진행이 됩니다.
찾아오시는 모든 분들을 예수님의 이름으로 환영합니다!
(Direct link to the Korean church.

For details of services, see Circuit Preaching Plan

Our city-centre church is a diverse community of worshippers with links to many countries. It is also the meeting point for a flourishing Korean congregation with its own language service. This group joins English speakers for Communion and united services once a month.


Weekdays at the Mint

We are an open and inclusive community of varied theologies and lifestyles which values thoughtful challenging preaching in both traditional and contemporary worship supported by a strong musical tradition and standards.

The Mint has extensive premises opening most weekdays 9.45 a.m. – 9.30 p.m. and welcomes members and visitors for prayer, communion and support.

Chris Ware, pictured, is the Mint Centre Facilitator who provides a warm welcome to all who come through the doors.

The Reception Desk is staffed 9.45 am to 9.30 pm – weekdays.

Church activities include Young Church, several fellowship and social groups including:- Tuesday Fellowship for seniors; Prayer Group; University Chaplaincy Church;  and a venue for the Exeter Interfaith Group and Exeter Food Bank.


Toddlers, young children and parents meet each term time Friday morning at the Mint for activities and fun. This is Matthew and the church mice, who they meet in church.


In addition more than 40 Community Groups are welcomed into the buildings offering a range of activities including Exeter Society for the Blind: yoga and U3A lectures.

On Sunday 22nd July 2018, The Mint held an Outdoor Songs of Praise. Fore Street was closed to traffic as the shopkeepers occasionally come out onto the street to hold a Flea Market.  The orchestra (of all ages and grades) played 9 hymns and Rev Steve Santry joined in with his trombone and read parts of Mark’s gospel.

It was wonderful to be part of the local community in the sunshine.

The Mint’s Charity of the year is Westpoint,