DalwoodAddress: EX13 7EB

Rev Brian Hadfield,  Deacon Becky Lovatt

Circuit Steward:
Mrs Christine Hemmingway


Sunday service at 11.00am

For details, see Circuit Preaching Plan



Dalwood is an attractive small village with a strong community ethos.
The faithful Methodist congregation warmly welcomes visitors from the Parish Church, the surrounding villages and the local caravan park. The congregation are almost all retired and services are mostly traditional, but not rigidly so.  There is good co-operation with the Parish Church and various united services and events throughout the year.

The well kept chapel is an ideal venue to be used by small groups for day retreats.


A quarterly coffee morning (normally in the chapel) provides an opportunity for local people to meet and share in conversation and laughter. On this occasion in summer 2018, we could enjoy the fine weather.





Good news

“Breaking News” is proving popular, with villagers joining us as we discuss current news items and put the world to rights.  Following Axminster’s move to smaller premises, we have brought their Art Club to Dalwood, and several people have joined the club, further strengthening our ties with the village.