Wanted and on offer

This page shows items that churches are offering to transfer to other churches.

Crediton Methodist Church – Organ (free to good home!)

Following refurbishment, we have left our original organ in storage and would be happy for any Church that wants it, to come and collect it for their own use.

It is a Norwich Organ Model NOM Norwich “B” + has two registers and a full Pedal element.  There are two speakers available as well.

If anyone is interested, please contact Christine Marshall at Crediton


Message from Erica Moore at Honiton:-

We have twenty non-stacking church chairs which we no longer require.  They are at least 20 years old and some need a bit of attention but they are basically sound.  We are wondering whether any of the other churches in the Circuit would be interested in them?

Please contact Honiton directly if you are interested.