Margaret Cole

Margaret Cole is a Circuit Steward with particular interest in the churches on the eastern side of the circuit – Axminster, Dalwood, Seaton, Sidford and Sidmouth, working alongside another Steward living in the area. Margaret worships at Seaton and is a Local Preacher of 21 years standing and has preached in most of the churches in the Circuit. I am currently attached, as Circuit Steward, to the Mint and to the new Zoom church, Shoreline.

In the past she has acted for many years as Church Steward, as a member of District Policy Committee for 6 years and was a representative to 6 Methodist Conferences. Margaret is Lay Pastor at Seaton, a member of Synod and is secretary to Seaton Church Council.

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic she has written most of the Worship at Home services for the folk in the eastern section and hopes to continue this.